Duro Olowu

Hi everybody!

Today let me introduce you a nigerian designer named Duro Olowu. Before starting his label in 2004, Duro Olowu was a lawyer. His collections are made of scuptural and oversize outfit with graphic prints also. Last year, he made a collaboration with the american brand JC Penney which was pretty successful.

So what do you think of these outfit? To me it looks like a theater play ! 🙂

Spring/Summer 14

duro Olowu 1 duro Olowu 3 duro Olowu 4 duro Olowu 5 duro Olowu 6 duro Olowu 7 duro Olowu 8 duro Olowu 9 duro Olowu 10 duro Olowu 11 duro Olowu

Find more on his website : http://www.duroolowu.com/


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